MELBOURNE, AUS, May 12, 2020, Flight Data Systems (FDS), a global provider of innovative end-to-end flight data
capture, storage, transmission, and analysis solutions, has today announced the official Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA) Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval for the SENTRY family of recorders amidst its 30th year of business serving
commercial and military aviation clients.

Flight Data Systems, founded in Australia in 1990, now with offices in the United States and United Kingdom, has evolved into
a multinational aviation firm serving organizations such as the US Navy, US Airforce, Australian Defense Force (ADF), and
numerous airlines.

Flight Data Systems’ latest innnovation, the SENTRY recorder, weighs only 4.50 pounds (2.04 kilograms) and features
physical dimensions of 3.30 inches in height, 6.00 inches in width, and 4.90 inches in depth, making it smaller than its closest
competitor, and the smallest ED-112A recorder available on the market today.

The industry leading SENTRY offers an affordable flight data recorder solution using the latest in hardware and software
technology. It leads popular flight data recorder brands in size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimizations alongside a unique
software-free Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) architecture which reduces both operational and NRE costs.

The future-proof unit’s modifiable architecture allows for product changes as operational requirements shift and also boasts
multiple beacon options, broad expansion capabilities, and accepts both analog and digital sensor inputs. The TSO for the
SENTRY platform applies to all aircraft types including UAV, civil, military, business, commercial, and fast jet segments of

The SENTRY provides clear advantages over more traditional flight data recorder brands with significant performance
improvements, true parallel processing, and reduced certification efforts which leads to lower overall program risk.
“We are very excited to announce that the entire SENTRY platform, from the standalone flight data and cockpit recorders,
to the combination CVFDR unit, have been TSO’d by the FAA,” mentioned Kevin Littler, Vice President of Sales at Flight
Data Systems. “It’s a monumentous occasion to be celebrating the launch of the innovative SENTRY during our 30th year of
business and we couldn’t be more excited to finally introduce it to the market.”

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